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Cloud performance benchmarks give you the data you need to
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Price/Performance Value

Variation in price and performance in public and private providers makes it nearly impossible to compare one from another. Cloud performance benchmarks provides price to performance data based on your specific performance needs.

Application Performance

The performance of different applications (i.e. Big Data, eCommerce, SaaS) will vary from one cloud provider to another. Know how your applications will perform within a specific architecture before signing with a service provider.

Data You Can Count On

Our Cloud Benchmarking methodology is repeatable, reliable and transparent. Having real world test data will ensure you make optimal data-driven decisions.

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Cloud Performance Benchmark Services

For Enterprises

As the leading authority in cloud performance benchmarking, our expert team will help you find the best cloud option for your unique business needs.

Through our custom CloudSpecs technology we’ll compare real-time performance data for over 20 leading cloud providers through intensity, longitudinal and application testing.


For Hosting Providers

Let our experts test the services you provide to validate your company’s strengths with real data.

We’ll look at CPU, RAM, disk and your internal network through a repeatable and transparent testing methodology and work with you on cloud-specific tests like provisioning time to measure scalability.


Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
through Performance

If you are considering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), one key question you need to ask is why does performance matter when evaluating the public cloud? Some provider VMs can achieve the same performance levels with fewer resources and this can have a substantial impact on cost.

Cloud Performance Benchmark Comparison

This graphic shows a basic scenario where a business would need a 4 vCPU machine on Provider A to effectively run its application. However, on Provider B, a 2 vCPU machine would satisfy the same application requirements with a lower cost through fewer resources.

Service Providers Monitored

We monitor the leading service providers in the market, so you don’t have to.

And many more…

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