About Cloud Spectator

Through research and consulting services CS provides transparency and unbiased cloud performance and market intelligence to cloud providers and enterprises.
Cloud Spectator Mission Statement
Cloud Spectator leads the industry in performance and pricing analysis for IaaS providers. Since 2011, we have helped businesses scope out the market with the information we provide. Offering a live web portal, published reports, and project consultation, our data-driven approach standardizes and simplifies the IaaS market to inform and guide decision-makers.

The Cloud Spectator Methodology

While our projects are unique from client to client, we maintain a core methodology for easy replication of performance and pricing results. Our methodology builds the foundation for any Cloud Spectator project; as assignments can become quite complex, transparency and easily replicated methods are important to verify results. View our Methodology >>

The CloudSpecs System

Cloud Spectator runs Windows and Linux OS tests on >20 of the top IaaS providers. Totaling more than 40+ benchmarks and workload simulations, the tests run 3 times a day, 365 days a year. CloudSpecs Portal >>

20+ Providers Monitored 24/7

How we got started

Cloud Spectator started as three private consultants working on a project to research and compare strengths and weaknesses of different cloud providers in the industry. In late 2011, realizing the value of the information collected, the consultants decided to make a business with the handful of information from the consultation project.

Realizing the lack of standardization in performance and pricing, Cloud Spectator took on the task to help businesses and users make purchase decisions to save the most money and gain the best performance for their cloud-based applications. Today, Cloud Spectator has become a cloud-focused analyst agency specializing in IaaS performance and pricing.

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